Solve Hard
Climate Problems

We partner with scientists, engineers and operators to build deeptech startups that slash emissions, remove carbon, and cool the planet.

Build A Climate Company

Over 12 months, you will work with us to uncover high-impact opportunities and shape the most promising idea into a new venture.

Receive funding, mentorship, hands-on support, access to an unparalleled pool of experts, potential co-founders and advisors.

If you succeed, we become your first investor and help you raise a seed round.

How it works

Radicals Welcome

Do you believe climate is the only problem worth working on?

Do you want to start building instead of just publishing?

Do you dream of founding your own company?

Find out more about the hard climate problems we want to solve and what we look for in applicants.

No prior idea required. (but if you have one and people tell you it’s crazy, we’d love to hear it)

What We Look For