Join Us On Day Zero,
Towards Net Zero

We know that building climate deeptech is a hard journey. It’s even harder when you’re starting alone. We created Marble to make your journey easier.

Our Process

1. Explore

Find The Best Idea

We will scope impact areas where your skills can unlock radical solutions to hard climate problems.

2. Create

Turn The Idea Into a New Company

We will work together to turn the most promising idea into an investable pre-seed company.

3. Build

Take Your Startup Into The World

If you succeed, you and your co-founders will lead a new company and we'll be your first backer.

Explore - Create - Build -

Why Build With Us?

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for scientists, engineers and operators with deep domain expertise related to opportunity areas we’re pursuing. We are also open to hear about broader idea spaces in climate on which we haven’t formed a thesis yet.

Our two most important selection criteria are your technical/domain insights as well as your potential to lead a massively scalable company. No need for a team, IP, or even a specific idea.

Find out more about what we’re looking for.

What we look for