We Build Radical
Climate Solutions

Marble is a climate tech venture studio. Our mission: bring us at least one gigaton closer to net zero and create a future that thrives.

The Climate Tech Venture Studio

The climate crisis is the most pressing challenge of our times. We need breakthrough solutions to address hard-to-abate emissions, as available technologies only get us halfway.

We can’t put all our hopes in classic tech transfer. We need to intentionally create and deploy radical solutions.

We partner with scientists, engineers and operators to build deeptech startups that slash emissions, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and create climate resilience.

As Founders-in-Residence, they work on "hard climate problems" with us to and build ventures with massive impact potential.

We invest in the best teams at pre-seed.

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Meet the Team

Marble was founded by Benjamin Tincq and Jonny Everett in 2021. Previously, we mentored or invested in 30 companies in areas like fusion, biotech, AI and other deeptech. We’ve worked with hundreds of early stage founders, scoped dozens of climate tech sectors, and built companies ourselves.

Our core team combines deep expertise in applied science and climate tech markets, with first-hand experience in company building, fundraising and talent sourcing.

Most importantly, we are freaked out about climate change, and we feel that supporting ambitious future founders is how we can maximise our contribution.

Meet the team

Benjamin Tincq

Founding Partner

Jonny Everett

Founding Partner

Lipsa Nag, PhD

Venture Science Associate

Edgar Ke

Talent Associate

Nakisa Echobardo

Climate Tech Analyst

Marcelo Lejeune

Climate Tech Analyst

Alban Suard

Venture Programme Analyst

Backed by Top Climate And Deeptech Investors

We are proud to have the support of leading investors in Europe and the US. Collectively, they have backed hundreds of climate and deeptech companies, and manage billions in assets.

As exited and current founders, angel investors and fund managers, they provide us not only with capital, but a wealth of knowledge, experience and network.

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Why Marble?

  • Our name refers to:

  • Our common home the blue marble

  • Ideas colliding like marbles during the programme

  • Crystallised solid carbon, a reminder of our end game

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