We Look For
High Impact Potential

We're searching for individuals who could apply their skills to solve the impact areas we're exploring. And who have the will to turn their skills into a new startup company.

Impact Areas

We’re actively looking for Founders in Residence across a broad range of themes. If you recognise yourself in any of these, and dream of founding your own company, we would love to hear from you!

What We Look For In Founders

Founders in Residence

Founders in Residence

Meet our current Founders in Residence who joined Marble to turn their skills into high impact climate startups.

  1. Steven Bardey, PhD

    Catalysis, CO2 transformation, physical chemistry

    Working on: smart integration of CO2 capture and recycling to decarbonise chemical feedstocks with high energy efficiency.

  2. Jerome Unidad, PhD

    Chemical engineering, materials science, hardware integration

    Working on: breakthrough pathway for producing low carbon fuels at scale, that avoids current infrastructure bottlenecks.

  3. Amandine Cadiau, PhD

    Physical chemistry, carbon capture

    Working on: next-generation direct air capture, with high energy efficiency for maximum scaleability

  4. Paul Hervé, MSc

    Mechanical engineering, fluid dynamics

    Working on: misting seawater in coastal arid regions to create stable microclimates, terraform new farmland and cool urban areas