We Look For
High Impact Potential

We're searching for individuals who could apply their skills to solve the impact areas we're exploring. And who have the will to turn their skills into a new startup company.

Impact Areas

We’re actively looking for Founders in Residence across a broad range of themes. If you recognise yourself in any of these, and dream of founding your own company, we would love to hear from you!

What We Look For In Founders

Founders in Residence

Founders in Residence

Meet our current Founders in Residence who joined Marble to turn their skills into high impact climate startups.

  1. Centeon

    Jerome Unidad, PhD and Daniel Isui Aguilar-Salvador, PhD

    Working on: A breakthrough process that makes carbon neutral ammonia from air, water and electricity to decarbonise fertiliser and fuels, and make Haber-Bosch obsolete.

  2. Atmo Cooling

    Paul Mahacek & Paul-Emmanuel Herve

    Working on: Large scale cooling system to terraform deserts into usable, productive land for climate mitigation and adaptation across agriculture and energy.

  3. Air Methanol

    Sebastien Fiedorow and Steven Bardey, PhD

    Working on: Single step DAC to X for carbon neutral chemicals. Starting with methanol, with a faster path to cost parity, radically lower energy inputs, opex and capex.

  4. Caroline Thaler, PhD

    Biogeochemistry, biomineralisation.

    Working on: engineering biology for highly scaleable carbon removal and storage

  5. Florian Osselin, PhD

    Physical chemistry, subsurface engineering.

    Working on: harnessing a massive clean energy resource while sequestering CO2 for millenia.

  6. Anna Madlener, MSc

    Marine robotics, surface and underwater autonomous systems.

    Working on: ocean carbon removal and other marine based climate solutions.

  7. Silvia Pugliese, PhD

    Electrochemical engineering.

    Working on: scaleable electrochemistry for carbon management.